melissa mccarthy chris farley starbucks conan gi Melissa McCarthy recalls the time she served Chris Farley at Starbucks on 'Conan'Melissa McCarthy is a huge star now, thanks to “Bridesmaids” and “Mike & Molly,” but the hilarious actress wasn’t always so well-known. An early brush with an idol at a menial job nearly unraveled the star.

Appearing on “Conan” on Thursday (Nov. 14) with her sitcom co-star Billy Gardell, McCarthy opened up about the time she served her idol Chris Farley while working at Starbucks. “It was in Santa Monica, so when I first moved here I didn’t have a car, so I had jobs I could walk to. So I worked at the [YMCA] and I worked at Starbucks,” she says. “Chris Farley came in and I was so excited because he loomed pretty largely for me and I kept trying to think of — You could just tell he didn’t want me to make a fuss, and so I … just kept staring at him.”

It didn’t get better from there. “At one point, I got so overwhelmed because he was right there, that I started crying,” McCarthy reveals. “I was just standing there, making him his coffee, and I know I was just locking on him. I was so locked on him. And I wonder now if when I gave him the coffee, he just went outside and like [mimics throwing it in the trash].”

McCarthy also talked about her experience with stand-up comedy, the medium Gardell rose to fame through. “I tried. I did stand-up for, like, eight months, so compared to what he does, it doesn’t really count,” she says. “I don’t know that I was skilled at it.”

“It’s a tough room. Every place you went to, it was always like the same guy who was in each club, and I’m not kidding, as you were just placing your foot on the stage, someone from the back of the club was like, ‘Show us your boobs,'” she adds. “So now you have to spend your first four minutes just trying to make that guy look like a dingbat because he yells that, but every club I went to … So then I go downtown. Did you do the Duplex downtown in New York?

“Sure,” Gardell replies.

“That place I loved because it’s full of gay boys, so they didn’t want to see boobs,” McCarthy adds.”

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