melissa mccarthy ellen Melissa McCarthy talks meeting Brangelina, remains adorable on 'Ellen'Newly minted Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy doesn’t appear to have let her big year go to her head. Or at least, she hasn’t quite learned to play it cool among the other showbiz luminaries at awards shows.

McCarthy is a guest on Thursday’s (Jan. 26) “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and she recounts a couple of the encounters she had at the Golden Globes, including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

“So I’m already in some weird altered state talking to Brad and Angelina,” she tells DeGeneres. “They’re so nice and chatty and really bubbly. Finally, I got a little weird and I was like, ‘You have to stop for a minute because it’s a lot visually to take in.'”

DeGeneres: “You said that to them?”

McCarthy: “I did. I said that to them. They just kind of laughed. I said, no really. It is a lot visually to take in. She’s like weirdly glowing. She’s so beautiful. He’s kind of cute too. And then I was like, ‘OK. I’m sorry.’ I needed to, like, regroup because they’re kind of a lot.”

Then this happened. We’ll let McCarthy describe the scene herself:

(Oh, and the photo at the top of the post? Jimmy Kimmel is a guest co-host for Thursday’s show — which also celebrates Ellen’s birthday — and decided to push McCarthy for a role in a “Bridesmaids” sequel.)

Posted by:Rick Porter