melissa peterman bet on your baby abc 'Bet on Your Baby' Melissa Peterman has her hands full
Zap2it: Do you come up with any of the ideas for “Bet on Your Baby”?
Melissa Peterman: The first season it was my idea to have moments with the kids and roll camera and let kids talk. I guarantee something funny or something adorable will happen. For the second season, we brought in more of those moments. They have no editor. They don’t care what you think of them and that is what is so fun. Seeing as they are not my children, I am all for it.
Zap2it: What have been some of your favorite moments?
Melissa Peterman: I love watching the parents. The dynamic that is in their home, going through the decision-making process.
Zap2it: You have an 8-year-old Riley, what are you up to with him?
Melissa Peterman: Today we had the pleasure of watching second graders do a Bolivian dance and sing a song in Portuguese. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching children having to perform.
Zap2it: What else are you working on?
Melissa Peterman: Season 3 of “Baby Daddy” on ABC Family is currently airing and has been picked up for Season 4. I am once again hosting “The Sound of Music” sing-along at The Hollywood Bowl. It’s my 10th year doing it. It is so much fun. It is “Rocky Horror” meets Julie Andrews. And I am hosting a big charity for the Unusual Suspects Theatre Company that brings theater to at-risk kids. And I’m waiting for Riley to finish second grade so we can take a little summer vacation.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler