men at work gibbs orcism 'Men at Work': Gibbs gets inside Tyler's headTyler has a problem in Thursday’s (May 23) episode of “Men at Work,” and that problem’s name is Gibbs.

In the episode, called “Gibbs-orcism,” Tyler (Michael Cassidy) finds out that Gibbs (James Lesure) was once with Tyler’s new girlfriend … and another woman. At the same time.

Tyler, as you might imagine, has a little trouble processing the information that his friend and co-worker once had a threesome with his new love (guest star Stephanie Lemelin). So much so, in fact, that Gibbs is starting to get inside Tyler’s head, as you can see in the clip (which is exclusive to Zap2it) below.

Milo (Danny Masterson) and Neal (Adam Busch), naturally, are delighted at this turn of events, further adding to Tyler’s frustration.

“Men at Work” airs at 10 p.m. ET Thursday on TBS. Watch the clip:

Posted by:Rick Porter