are-mermaids-real-ariel-the-little-mermaid-disney.jpgAnd you thought mermaids were all smiley, singing redheads. Nope, according to Charlie Foley’s speculative documentary “Mermaids: The Body Found,” which aired Memorial Day weekend on Animal Planet, “real” mermaids are more like those scary merfolk from “Harry Potter” than the Disney version.

“Mermaids” suggests that a group of human ancestors evolved to become sea creatures — some researchers actually subscribe to this theory known as the aquatic ape hypothesis. The movie goes on to “reveal” that when a real mermaid was found alive on a beach (see the creepy clip below), a government cover-up followed to hide the sea creature’s existence.

The film is obviously not the real-deal, but people are taking it super-seriously — even pointing to the fact that the website listed in the trailer,, has been seized by the Department of Homeland Security. Yeah, we call shenanigans on that one. It’s more likely a clever marketing tactic on Animal Planet’s part — much like this gallery of mermaid “evidence.”

What do you think? Any chance mermaids are real?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper