michael c hall didnt watch dexter finale Michael C. Hall didn't watch the 'Dexter' series finale Were you not a fan of the “Dexter” series finale? You’re not alone.

Many critics and fans alike were less-than-enthused when the series-ender aired in September. After eight seasons, Dexter’s sister Deb was dead and Dexter left his son with his girlfriend and faked his own death, living the rest of his life as a lumberjack in the middle of nowhere. To say that viewers were left unsatisfied is an understatement.

“Dexter” star Michael C. Hall couldn’t agree more. “Liked it? I don’t think I even watched it,” Hall tells The Daily Beast. “I thought it was narratively satisfying — but it was not so savoury.”

Hall continues, “I think the show had lost a certain amount of torque. Just inherently because of how long we’d done it, because of the storytelling capital we’d spent, because our writers may have been gassed. Maybe some people wanted a more satisfying — maybe they wanted a happy ending for him, either a happy ending or a more definitive sense of closure. They wanted him to die or something, but I think the fact that he’s sort of exiled in a prison of his own making is, for my money, pretty fitting.”

He might be the only one besides the writers to think that. 
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum