Warning: There is some mild language in the above video.

“Person of Interest” is getting a big dose of girl power in Season 3. Recurring actresses Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker were both upped to series regulars for the upcoming season, which should make for some interesting complications for main characters Harold Finch and John Reese.

“She has a big bada** presence for sure,” Shahi tells Zap2it of her character Samantha Shaw in Season 3. “I know that when they wanted to bring Shaw into the team, they wanted to do it in a very slow, very thought out way. They didn’t want her to join too quickly. They wanted the audience to work for it a little bit to be able to see that. In terms of how that relationship is going to grow, other than the fact that it is going to grow, there’s really not that much else I can say about it because I really don’t know.”

According to Shahi, she was always slated to become a full-time cast member in Season 3. “That was always the intention, even last year when I did my four episodes. It was under the condition that this was going to become a series regular of the show. So yeah, this was in the works for a while,” she says.

Star Michael Emerson seems excited about adding more actors to “Person of Interest’s” recurring cast. He jokes that will take some of the pressure off him and Jim Caviezel.

“We are just going to kick back, get some cigars and let them do the heavy lifting,” he quips, adding seriously, “It’s wonderful. They’re both such dazzling performers and lend such fabulous new opportunities for complication, collisions of styles and personalities to the show. I think it’s going to be terrific.”

Thus far Shahi has only really worked with Caviezel, Emerson and Acker, and she says she’s excited for a chance to shoot alongside the rest of the cast. “I haven’t really been able to work with Taraji [P. Henson], so I’d love to be able to get some screentime with her,” she says, noting, “It’s always fun being the girl in the mix with all boys. It’s always a good day at work.”

Before Emerson joined “Person of Interest,” he was best known for his role as Ben Linus on “Lost.” That series premiered in 2004, which means it’s fast coming up on its 10-year anniversary. Will we see a reunion at San Diego Comic-Con, since that seems to be the trend in recent years?

“I’ve heard some murmurings of some kind of reunion. Whether it will take place at Comic-Con or not I’m not sure,” Emerson says. “No matter what happens, if anything happens, it will be really hard logistically to put it together.”

At the Warner Bros. TV party at Comic-Con, Zap2it spotted Emerson and former co-star Henry Ian Cusick hanging out by the bar together. It turns out that “Lost” mini-reunion was a long time coming.

“I hadn’t seen him since the show wrapped so it was great to see him,” Emerson admits. As for how that conversation went down, he says, “It’s like family or friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. ‘Oh my god, how are you? How is the family and kids? What are you up to? Is it fun? How you feeling? All of that.”

“Person of Interest” Season 3 premieres on Sept. 24.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz