michael j fox the view may 12 14 Michael J. Fox zings NBC on 'The View' about his canceled showIn New York on Monday (May 12), NBC was celebrating its success in the 2013-14 TV season, telling advertisers that it’s ending the season as the No. 1 broadcast network among adults 18-49.

It wasn’t all great for NBC this season, though, as Michael J. Fox can attest. Across town on “The View,” Fox got in a dig at the network, which canceled the low-rated “Michael J. Fox Show.” “If you want to hide from the FBI, go on NBC on Thursday nights,” Fox jokes.

Ouch — although he’s not wrong. Despite its successes this season, NBC’s Thursday was often a ghost town, with “The Michael J. Fox Show” regularly drawing under 3 million viewers. It’s a far, far cry from Fox’s previous run on NBC, when “Family Ties” in its best season averaged more than 28 million people.

Fox, incidentally, is currently appearing on “The Good Wife” in his recurring part as attorney Louis Canning.

Posted by:Rick Porter