michael jackson Michael Jackson's autopsy pic: Should death photo have remained private?Now that Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for his involvement in the death of Michael Jackson, new details are coming to light about the fateful day in 2009 when Jackson was pronounced dead… including photographic evidence.

On Tuesday, Prosecutors in the trial showed the jury an photo taken during Jackson’s autopsy. The singer is seen on a gurney, completely naked aside from gauze and tape applied during attempts to revive him. There is a wound on his chest, though it is not specified whether the wound occurred postmortem.

The date displayed on the counter beside his body is August 25, 2009, though the doctor at the trial said this was an error, and that the photo was actually taken June 25, 2009 – just hours after Jackson was pronounced dead.

Celeb site TMZ posted the image with a black bar covering Jackson’s genitals. Immediately, there was an outcry from fans, demanding that the site remove the photo out of respect for Jackson, his family, and his children.

Weigh in below in the comments section, Zap2it readers. Do you think that death photos should remain private, even when used as evidence in a criminal trial? Did the website cross a line?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie