michael lohan judge alex bad boy Michael Lohan backstage at 'Judge Alex' Bad Boys WeekIs Michael Lohan a bad boy? Sure, the father of the troubled Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have the best public reputation (multiple arrests, yapping to the press about his daughter). But if you were to judge him based on his appearance on “Judge Alex” Bad Boys Week to resolve a contract dispute about a celebrity boxing match, you might not think so.

“They were both actually very polite — that’s the way I like to run my courtroom. I don’t like to let people run amok,” Judge Alex Ferrer tells Zap2it exclusively of Lohan and Damon Feldman, the celebrity boxing promoter who sued Lohan for dropping out of two matches.

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Lohan tells Zap2it that he might be considered a bad boy by the public, but “They don’t know I’m a minister, they don’t know all the charity work I do.”

Judge Alex eventually ruled in favor of Feldman, awarding him $5000, but Lohan says he was shocked the case even made it to court. “I was surprised he brought me to court instead of resolving it outside of the court,” he says.

Feldman says it wasn’t personal, he just wanted to get his money back. “I’m sure in time we’ll be able to talk, but it’s just a little upsetting that I had to go to this length to get my money.”

Judge Alex, who beefs up on state laws while preparing for each case so the plaintiff and defendant get a ruling that they would’ve in their own state, says he thought the case went well. “I think it went pretty smooth. We had some lighthearted moments, I had to snap at somebody once, but other than that it was an interesting case to me and I thought it was entertaining and justice was served.”

Check out Zap2it’s exclusive sneak peek at the case before watching the exclusive post-court interviews with Lohan, Feldman and Judge Alex below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley