michelle obama caramel highlights hair no seriously gi Michelle Obama gets highlights: The First Lady's hair and its 'important' place in the news

First Lady Michelle Obama has gotten highlights.

The new, caramel-colored highlights in her hair were first noted on Tuesday (Aug. 27) when Obama was photographed introducing a screening of “The Powerbroker: Whitney Young’s Fight for Civil Rights.” Obama was present as part of the ongoing events surrounding the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

We could talk about the First Lady’s interests on the topic of human rights at this point. Perhaps this could then tie into what influence she might have on her husband, President Barack Obama, when dealing with those rights both at home and abroad. Michelle Obama’s regular work with domestic charities and other groups are sometimes considered important as well.

Unfortunately, none of that would be as appealing as talking about the Harvard-trained lawyer’s hair. It’s very pretty and gives Mrs. Obama a younger, softer look. This is generally seen as a good thing, so everyone knows First Ladies aren’t to be seen as either old or hard.

On a diplomatic front, however, this could possibly be an asset: Obama is more likely to be underestimated with pretty hair. Highlights or not, this isn’t a woman you’d want to cross. It would be fun to see someone make that mistake.

How do you feel about Michelle Obama’s hair? Do you think it will be an asset or a detriment to her continued work with human rights and family development issues? Is it ridiculous to even talk about this?

Posted by:Laurel Brown