midnight chris hardwick tca 2014 comedy central 'midnight': Chris Hardwick mocks Dennis Rodman and Buzzfeed at TCA

In the deep, dark recesses of late-night, basic-cable television is a show called “@midnight.” Starring Chris Hardwick (of Nerdist fame), “@midnight” systematically mocks the Internet that day with competitions between fan-favorite comedians.

Based on the show’s panel at the 2014 TCA press tour, the results should be insanely hilarious.

Hardwick was there for the presentation, along with executive producers Ben Garant and Mike Farah. While there couldn’t be much in the way of spoilers for an almost-live comedy show, the men — especially Hardwick — had a lot to say.

Highlights and quotes from the panel:

  • “We’re gonna have fun, god***it!” – Chris Hardwick
  • Since “@midnight” is rather like the TV version of the Internet’s BuzzFeed, it’s fitting that Hardwick quoted one of the site’s writers, Kate Aurthur, repeatedly throughout the panel.
  • “It’s a fake game show, in the sense that no one’s actually winning. … Comedians are actually playing for their egos, which is a much more valuable prize.” – Hardwick
  • “I’m sort of like a cross between SpongeBob and Tracey Flick from ‘Election.'” – Hardwick
  • “All I’m saying is, if he were a pinata and you hit him, a bunch of pills would fall out.” – Hardwick on Dennis Rodman
  • “It really is making fun of what people are making fun of that day.” – Ben Garant
  • “We’re like a nice sorbet that takes you into bed.” – Hardwick
  • Different comedians have different styles on the show — standup comedians aim for an immediate laugh with their jokes, while improv actors prefer a long-arc joke.
  • Who would Hardwick most like to participate in “@midnight”? Jon Hamm, Tom Hanks, Mel Brooks and Joan Rivers were the names that came up quickly.
  • “I’m an annoyingly energetic person.” – Hardwick
  • “We’re horribly damaged inside. We’re incurable narcissists and we’re horribly damaged inside.” – Hardwick on comedians
  • “I love working with damaged people.” – Mike Farah

Posted by:Laurel Brown