mikemolly 'Mike and Molly' preview: Let the wedding planning beginWhen the second season of “Mike and Molly” kicks off Monday (Sept. 26), it’ll be the beginning of a new phase for everyone’s favorite Chicago couple. The newly-engaged pair is now planning for their life together, and if there’s one thing that’s certain about these two, it’s that there’s a degree of unpredictability.

The season begins as they dealing with wedding preparation. Or perhaps a more accurate statement is that Molly (Melissa McCarthy) is focused
on the wedding while and Mike (Billy Gardell) would prefer go fishing. The funny will certainly follow.

It’s been a fantastic few weeks for McCarthy. In addition to her regular gig returning, she won an Emmy, sold in a pilot to CBS and landed a spot hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

In an interview on CBS’s “Early Show,” McCarthy explains she was so excited during her Emmy acceptance speech, that she hardly remembers what she said.

“Afterwards, people were like, ‘I’m from Illinois too.’ I’m like, ‘How did you know?’ I had no memory at all of what I said. They were like, ‘You said you’re from Plainfield.’ I said, ‘When did I say that?’ They said, ‘In your speech.’ I thought, ‘What else did I say?!’ I was so overwhelmed, but I didn’t know what was coming out of my mouth,” McCarthy says.

Here’s a preview of the season premiere. It airs on CBS at 9:30 p.m. ET.


Posted by:David Eckstein