mike molly melissa mccarthy heat ben falcone gi 'Mike & Molly's' Melissa McCarthy attacks husband Ben Falcone in 'The Heat' blooperIt’s good news all around for Melissa McCarthy fans. “Mike & Molly” is finally headed back to CBS for Season 4 and “The Heat” is out on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday (Oct. 15). 

Zap2it has your first look at a fun blooper from the extra features between McCarthy, her real-life husband Ben Falcone, and co-star Sandra Bullock.
Falcone approaches McCarthy and Bullock at a bar and before he can get a word in edgewise, McCarthy knocks his beer out of his hand and drops an F-bomb before tossing a handful of peanuts at him and hitting him in the back with the peanut bowl.
“I think we’ve just gotten a tiny glimpse into the private lives of Melissa and Ben,” says Bullock through giggles as McCarthy snickers away.

Watch the blooper video below, followed by an epic McCarthy-Bullock dance-off:

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