Funnyman Mike Myers stopped by “The Tonight Show” Thursday (June 5) and in addition to the regular interview, host Jimmy Fallon did a bit where he showed off the posters for the made-for-TV movies he and Myers made back in the day.

Of course, the movies are all fake, but Myers and Fallon spend several minutes riffing on the plotlines, with Myers clearly improv-ing the details, to much hilarity. The movies are “My Husband, The Prank Caller,” “Gerbil-Cano,” “The Longest Hug” and “Oops, We’re in Space,” which Myers says was originally called “Lust in Space.” Hee. Watch above; we can hardly do it justice in print.

Below, Myers talks about how he’s getting a stamp with his face on it in Canada and that his mother was unimpressed. “What denomination is it?” she asked when he told her. He also shows off a clip from a documentary he directed.

In the last clip, Myers talks about how often he hears his catchphrases, including one time when he was sick and in the course of watching TV for a day while he was laid up, he heard 25 of his catchphrases, including “Get in my belly” during an empty-net goal on an “SportsCenter” highlight reel.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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