miley cyrus flips double bird Miley Cyrus flips the bird: Is grown up Miley awesome or out of control?If there is a “right way” to have a crazy transition from child star to adult star, Miley Cyrus seems to have that down. She’s recording songs with Snoop, admitting to smoking pot all the time and releasing a cracked-out music video to go with her latest single, “We Can’t Stop.”

Now she has given all her Twitter followers a double middle finger, writing that she loves L.A.

Is the crazy Drake-murdering-her-ladyparts meltdown or pet-monkey-and-Fisker-Karma antics just over the horizon? Or is Cyrus actually going to just be fun-wacky, instead of crazy-wacky?

Not every child star can be Dakota and Elle Fanning, who seemed like adults when they were like eight. Plus, wouldn’t that be kind of boring? We can totally get behind a wacky transition to adult star, as long as everybody’s being safe and not self-destructive.

It remains to be seen how Cyrus does — she’s certainly been in and out of the media for months about her “engagement” — but something just feels like Cyrus has her act together (as opposed to some of her peers who seem to be spiraling out of control).

What do you think, readers?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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