miley cyrus v magazine thumbnail Miley Cyrus goes topless and flashes butt crack in V magazine

Miley Cyrus is an adult now, everyone. She’s not that little kid from “Hannah Montana” any longer. She might still wear the occasional unicorn onesie while making silly internet videos, but she’s grown up. To drive that point home, she’s the focus of a new spread in V magazine. V has a habit of publishing racy pictorials of celebrities in their pages, including Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, Kate Upton, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.
This time it’s Miley’s turn, and she doesn’t want to disappoint. The pop singer does it all, she goes topless, flashes her butt crack, dresses in leather and spikes and even shows off a little underboob. The article that accompanies the photos features Miley and Pharrell Williams talking about her new music.
She also mentions having Liam Hemsworth’s young nieces over, listening to her new songs. The couple has been rumored to be putting their wedding on hold, though Miley recently told ELLE UK that she was committed to Hemsworth.
To see all of the photos from Miley’s spread, check out our gallery. For a behind-the-scenes video on the shoot, take a look below:

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