Miley Cyrus certainly isn’t shirking away from her controversial VMAs performance. Expect it to be brought up during “Saturday Night Live,” which Cyrus is both hosting and performing on this weekend.

New promos for the Oct. 5 episode have been posted online, and among the topics of discussion are — of course — the VMAs, her twerking and why she constantly sticks out her tongue (“It’s how I smell”). During the various skits, she and Taran Killam constantly spoof her antics over the past year, which have Killam looking horrified and noting she’s been “busy.”

The fact that Cyrus is addressing these changes in her public persona head-on are part of what’s helping people come to terms with her bad girl personality. She definitely didn’t shy away from touchy subjects in her recent Rolling Stone interview. Hopefully she’s just as good a sport during this weekend’s episode as she was during this promo, and it sounds like the “SNL” audience will be in for a treat. After all, “Don’t forget about the children!”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz