miley cyrus real and true video 2013 mtv ema gi Miley Cyrus: 'Real and True' video before MTV EMA 2013Miley Cyrus debuted her new video for “Real & True” just before the broadcast of the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday (Nov. 10). The astronaut-themed video featuring Future and Mr. Hudson turned out to be a bit different from Cyrus’ earlier productions.

Click here to watch the “Real & True” video at MTV.

Unlike in her earlier — and award-winning — video, “Wrecking Ball,” Miley is well-dressed throughout much of this video. Sure, there’s some skintight body suits and body paint. That’s not a shock. This is especially true, because Cyrus seems to be some sort of alien discovered lying under the dust of an alien world.

It’s interesting that there aren’t many similarities to “Wrecking Ball” — other than Miley being sexy. Also, there’s some similarity in the lighting and colors. Like in the earlier video, a major highlight is Cyrus’ blue eyes.

What’s the story here? Astronauts Future and Mr. Hudson find Miley Cyrus buried in the dust. They revive her with some funky space science. Seduction combines with singing as everyone hurtles through space. In the end, alien Miley wave goodbye from her desolate world.

Does it all work? How does this video compare to “Wrecking Ball” or any of Cyrus’ other videos?

Posted by:Laurel Brown