miley cyrus swatted again gi Miley Cyrus swatted ... again

Miley Cyrus has been swatted — for a second time. Police were called to the singer’s house on Friday night (May 17), but the emergency has turned out to be fake. reports that police in Los Angeles received a 911 call from Cyrus’ house at about 8:55pm. The caller was a woman who said she was hiding in a closet after shots were fired in the home. When the police arrived, however, no crime seems to have occurred.

Miley herself wasn’t even home at the time.

Does this mean that the celebrity swatters, whoever they are, have run out of celebrities they find interesting enough to harass? Miley Cyrus was, after all, one of the first famous people to be targeted in this way, back in August of 2012. Since then, swatting (as it has become known) has occurred frequently, mostly to Hollywood celebrities living in the Los Angeles area.

There is no information about why the swatters have such a grudge against Cyrus, especially since the identities of those perpetrating the annoying, costly and potentially dangerous crimes have not been discovered.

Posted by:Laurel Brown