Miley Cyrus is competing with One Direction for Song of the Summer at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. But she doesn’t plan on winning. She might not even **want to win when faced with the juggernaut that is One Direction — and their fans.

When MTV asked Cyrus about the possibility of winning, Miley showed an interest in a win but then conceded that she had little chance. As of Saturday (Aug. 23), Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” lags behind One Direction’s “Best Song Ever.” This is mainly thanks to the legions on One Direction fans and their voting prowess.

“It would be dope. I never want to be in a category with One Direction ever again!” Cyrus says in the video interview above. “I’m gonna just put my guard down and not be proud about that. B****es be cray! They be cray! I think I got lucky with [Zayn Malik] getting engaged. Maybe something will turn. That’s like so crazy.”

It may take more than an engagement for Miley Cyrus to defeat One Direction. But at least she knows out to be gracious about the whole thing.

Posted by:Laurel Brown