Miley Cyrus‘ new video for “Real and True” debuted just before Sunday’s (Nov. 10) 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards. Now, watch the video here in order to see Miley as a nearly-naked space creature singing her love for Mr. Hudson and Future.

The video tells the story of a couple of astronauts (Mr. Hudson and Future) who find a hot, female creature (Cyrus) lying under the dust of an alien planet. They use some sort of futuristic technology to heal alien Miley to her pristine, silvery condition.

Alien Miley thanks the spacemen by singing and dancing with them before the guys leave her alone on the dusty surface, saying goodbye.

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It’s not clear from the video whether alien Miley wanted to stay or was dumped by her new astronaut friends. The message is much happier if you think she wanted to hang out in the dust.

Posted by:Laurel Brown