“Million Dollar Arm,” a movie about two kids discovered in India and trained to become professional baseball players, is a story filled with emotions. Lake Bell’s character of Brenda is particularly central to those emotions.

Zap2it had the chance to talk to Bell (“Children’s Hospital,” “Boston Legal”) about her character and why Brenda is so very important to a movie that’s supposed to be about baseball.

First off, it’s probably important to note that the character of Brenda — initially the tenant and later the love interest for Jon Hamm’s J.B. Bernstein — has little to do with baseball. She instead presides over much of the emotional growth experienced by the sports-obsessed guys.

“I don’t know anything about baseball, but I love this movie,” Bell explains in the interview. And that’s sort of the point with this and any good sports film — you don’t actually need to know or love the game in order to enjoy the message.

“Million Dollar Arm” hits theaters Friday, May 16, 2014.

Posted by:Laurel Brown