million dollar arm bill paxton alan arkin disney 'Million Dollar Arm's' Bill Paxton thinks Alan Arkin should star in 'Twister 2'“Million Dollar Arm” is a great movie with a great heart, but its biggest mistake is not having Bill Paxton and Alan Arkin in every scene together. The two actors have a great chemistry with one another, and an interview with them to promote the Disney film was filled with as many jokes as it was earnest discussions of the movie.

One recurring plot point about Arkin’s role in the movie as retired baseball scout Ray is that he essentially sleeps his way through India. Arkin jokes to Zap2it that it’s “one of the greatest parts I ever had,” but he has his sights set on another dream role.
“The only thing better than that, I’ve been telling my agents for years: ‘You don’t listen to me. What I want to be is in front of a green screen saying, ‘Look out for the thing! Ahh!’ and I fall down onto a mattress,'” Arkin says, likely not joking very much.

In response, recent “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” star Paxton pitches, “You’d be great in ‘Twister 2.'”

While Arkin is jealous of the fact that Paxton got to “throw cans into a twister” in the first “Twister,” he is a bit skeptical of this hypothetical sequel. “Are you going to be in it?” he asks Paxton with a laugh. “Is there a ‘Twister 2’? I’m too old for ‘Twister 2.'” “You’re picking up where I left off!” Paxton quips in response.

Arkin and Paxton are known for their filmographies’ wide ranges, and both found themselves moved by the story of a baseball agent who found two untested boys in India and turned them into professional baseball players. After reading Thomas McCarthy’s script for “Million Dollar Arm,” both were on board for the Craig Gillespie movie.

“Disney has created a legacy of great sports film in the last 20 years. I got to direct one for them called ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played,’ that is one of the highest achievements that I ever aspired to,” Paxton says. “This is a part of that legacy, and I just love the script, and so I got involved.”

Arkin explains, “If it moves me in one way or another, then I want to be connected with it. I just want to be moved. And that doesn’t happy every single time. I was very, very moved by this story, particularly the treatment of the Indian culture. I thought it was a very, very sensitive, funny [movie] but never making fun of it. The humor came out of the character all the time. Never made fun of the culture. I was very moved by that.”

“Million Dollar Arm” is due in theaters on May 16.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz