fredrik eklund mar 2014 gi 'Million Dollar Listing New York's' Fredrik Eklund: 'It's slightly tacky to say how many hours you work'Zap2it: So you’re the hardest-working man in real estate?

Fredrik Eklund of “Million Dollar Listing New York”: Yeah, well, there are a few of us, but yes, it’s a lot of hard work. It’s not as glamorous as people might think, but it’s a lot of fun and 24/7 for sure.

Zap2it: Do you do 12-hour days?

Fredrik Eklund: No, a lot more than that. I mean, it’s slightly tacky to say how many hours you work. But I have a real estate company in Scandinavia, as you might know. I have three offices in Sweden … . But my point is, every morning when I wake up I have hundreds of emails in a different time zone waiting to be answered. So yeah, it never stops … .

Zap2it: Would you say you do more cash sales than mortgages?

Fredrik Eklund: I’m still amazed, 12 years into this coming from Sweden. But still I’m amazed how much cash there really is. I would say to generalize a little bit, it really depends on what neighborhood and price segment and how deals are made, but probably two-thirds are cash.

Zap2it: What advice would you give to new brokers?

Fredrik Eklund: Well, if you don’t have any experience, you shouldn’t do what I did. My big mistake was that I sat by myself and I tried to learn it basically the hard way, which is the long way. If you’re brand-new, I would start on a top team like my own and just sit like a sponge in the room and get all that knowledge much quicker, maybe even work for free for six months, too. You’re going to get a head start, and you’ll learn. You’ll accumulate years of experience in just a few short months by just sitting and listening to the top brokers on the phone.

Posted by:George Dickie