millionaire matchmaker patti stanger goes uncensored 'Millionaire Matchmaker: Pattie Stanger Goes Uncensored': Watch Patti reassess infamous datesEver wonder what Patti Stanger sounds like when she watches her clients actually go on the dates she’s set them up on? Then the “Millionaire Matchmaker” special “Patti Stanger Goes Uncensored” was definitely for you.

Yes, it was little more than a way to edit some old footage together on the cheap to get a new half-hour of programming, but at least it was fun. Part of Stanger’s appeal (or, all of it) is her blunt feedback, so seeing her essentially narrate the dates was fun.

Watch a clip below:

Basically, if you ever wanted to see Patti Stanger heckle her own show, then this was the special for you. What did you think of the episode? Tweet @Zap2it with your thoughts.

Posted by:Jean Bentley