milwaukee bra ban lifted holler house bar bowling alley gi Milwaukee bra ban lifted: Historic bar and bowling alley can hang undergarments from the ceiling

A historic bar and bowling alley can re-hang its bras now that the city of Milwaukee has backed down from a ban that forced the establishment to remove dozens of bras from the ceiling. The Holler House was briefly required to take this action after a city inspector decided that the dangling underwear constituted a fire hazard.

Bras had been an overhead staple of Holler House for 45 years when the inspector demanded their removal in April. Because the fine for violating a fire hazard order in Milwaukee can range from $150 to $10,000 per day, the bar’s 87-year-old owner, Marcy Skowronski, had her son-in-law remove the offending underwear.

The bra ban was lifted only after Skowronski contacted a local paper and her alderman, Bob Donovan. With the increased attention, the city of Milwaukee relented after only one day. A bra replacement party is now being planned.

45 years ago, Skowronski and her friends were at her parents’ bar when they threw a few bras onto some skis hanging from the ceiling. Others followed suit, often writing names, dates and notes on the underwear before tossing them upwards. “They’ve been hanging there for 45 years,” Skowronski told the Associated Press. “I had inspectors here for 45 years. Every year they come and nobody’s said anything.”

Holler House is known for more than just its ceiling bras. Built in 1908, the bar also houses two bowling alleys — the oldest certified alleys in the United States.

Posted by:Laurel Brown