steve zahn mind games abc 'Mind Games' Steve Zahn: 'Some things don't need to be fixed'

Zap2it: Your character in “Mind Games,” ABC’s Tuesday-night brain-manipulation drama, Clark Edwards, has bipolar disorder and also was a university professor teaching about human behavior and psychology. Are those two things connected?
Steve Zahn: He doesn’t think of it as a disorder at all. He’s unmedicated, and he really studied human psychology and behavior and all this, because of his condition, learning how to control it himself by being observant, keeping journals and stuff like that.
Zap2it: How does Clark do with controlling it?
Steve Zahn: He’s able to somewhat control it, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to take medication because it stops that flow of creativity. In a way, he thinks of it as an asset. Obviously, personally, there are times when he doesn’t think that, but there are some really amazing people — thinkers — who have this.

We’ve become a society trying to fix things, [including] some things that didn’t need to be fixed.
Zap2it: What’s it like working with Christian Slater, who plays Clark’s brilliant and energetic con man brother and business partner, Ross?

Steve Zahn: Oh, my God. I was so excited about that. Before I met him, I thought it was just perfect. He’s really an amazing actor. … The network struck gold as far as just us working together. There wasn’t a weird day. He’s so inspiring; he’s so inventive.
A lot of the humor just came from great writing, obviously, and these people in this absurd situation, but it really came from us just playing and having a good time.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare