miss america 2014 mallory hagan gi Miss America 2014: Mallory Hagan will only hold her crown for 8 months

The Miss America pageant is is returning to Atlantic City, N.J., and also to its old time. 

When the beauty pageant started airing on CMT in 2006 (and even when it later moved to TLC), the Las Vegas-set show was held in January. But now that it’s going back to ABC and New Jersey, the pageant will take place in September.

That means tough luck for Mallory Hagan, who was crowned Miss America 2013 on Jan. 12, 2013. She will only hold her crown for eight months before passing it along to whoever is named Miss America 2014 on Sept. 15.

When Miss America transitioned from Atlantic City to Las Vegas, fans went without the pageant for over a year: Miss America 2005 was held on Sept. 18, 2004, while Miss America 2006 was held on Jan. 21, 2006. That meant 2005 winner Deidre Downs went down in history as the Miss America with the longest single reign (Mary Katherine Campbell won twice, so she was technically Miss America longer).

Though Hagan won’t get to reign for a full year like other winners, at least Miss America fans can be excited by the fact that they get double the pageantry in 2013.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz