miss teen usa cassidy wolf sextortion guilty Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf 'sextortion' suspect pleads guilty

The man arrested for hacking the personal computer of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf, using her webcam to take naked pictures of her, plead guilty to accessing several computers illegally, with the intent to extort young women.
In a deal with prosecutors, Jared James Abrahams submitted a guilty plea to three counts of extortion and one of computer hacking on Tuesday (November 11), NBC News reports. Cassidy went public about the extortion in August, after speaking with the FBI about the case. She explained that the hacker sent nude photos of her, taken via webcam, and expected her to “perform” for him, or he would release the photos to the public. 
She went on “Today” to tell women to speak up, should they end up in her position one day. Among the other victims were a woman in Canada and a 17-year-old girl in Ireland, both of whom disrobed under threat of the photos being released, the criminal complaint says. There were believed to be at least a dozen different women that were targeted.
As part of his deal, he must also have no contact with his victims, notify his probation officer before using a computer, or any device that can access email or the internet, and cannot possess nude images on said devices.
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