abigail hundman miss universe nun Miss Universe 2012 contestant is a nun? Abigail Hyndman is one step awayAbigail Hyndman, who is competing as Miss British Virgin Islands in the Miss Universe 2012 competition, is one step away from becoming a nun with the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament.

The beauty queen tells Today she became interested in joining the convent while studying biology at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. Because when you think college girls in New Orleans, doesn’t your mind usually go right to “nunnery?”

“One of the things that I realized about the sisters is they do many things,” says Hyndman. “Before Xavier, I thought they were only in a convent praying all day. But they are lawyers and doctors. They don’t preach to not be who you are or not be true to yourself.”

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So perhaps the sisters don’t mind when Abigail is being herself by posing in a pink lace teddy for the high fashion lingerie round of the Miss Universe competition.  

Hyndman, who believes pageants are “all about personal growth,” ultimately decided to forgo nunhood so she can raise a family. But she says she’s still a part of the sisterhood. “I am in the process of becoming an affiliate,” Abigail says. “It’s not a nun. It’s a step under.”

If she wins the competition, Hyndman thinks she’ll be a good counterbalance  to past titleholders who have come under the spotlight for not-so-good behavior. “It might not be bad for us in the scandal department if somebody who thinks they might want to be a nun wins,” says Abigail.

And the sisters in New Orleans are rooting for her all the way.

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