olivia culpo bikini miss universe 2012 Miss Universe 2012: Olivia Culpo's pageant dietOlivia Culpo, Miss USA and winner of Miss Universe 2012, had no qualms about rocking her bikini on the pageant stage. In case you were wondering how she maintains those killer abs, Shape magazine has the beauty queen’s daily diet plan.

Culpo eats a high protein, low carbohydrate diet and carries around meal replacement bars for the extra protein boost. “No offense to the 90-calorie ones, but they just don’t do it for me,” she says.

At home, Olivia will make herself some mashed sweet potatoes, and top with a little cayenne pepper and some Greek yogurt. In order to aid digestion of the necessary green veggies, Culpo prefers to use the steamer rather than eat them raw.

Olivia says her favorite on-the-go-snack is raw, unsalted almonds. When she can afford to stop and use a spoon, Culpo loves to eat yogurt because “it’s low in sugar and high in protein.”

Her secret to looking slimmed down on camera? Pineapple. Who would have guessed that?

“Pineapple reduces swelling,” Olivia says. “You’re filmed that one very special day of the pageant, and you want to make sure you’re as ready to go as you can be.”

During the pageant, Culpo’s secret weapon was a good old-fashioned banana. She says she snuck one into her makeup bag. “I don’t know if it’s the potassium,” says Olivia, “but I need it before I get on stage because it always calms me down.”

Throughout the competition, Culpo says her biggest craving was the old standard, peanut butter and jelly, telling the mag, “Oh my goodness, it is so good. I could live off of it.”

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