miss venezuela miss universe 2012 irene sofia esser quintero Miss Venezuela: Say what? Miss Universe 2012 contestant's bizarre final answerThe Miss Universe 2012 pageant was relatively uneventful, minus a handful of the requisite head scratch moments — like Train’s entire performance, and Miss USA, Olivia Culpo‘s explanation of why she’s a “normal person”: “Any joke, I’ll get it.”

One part of the competition that seemed like a joke was the question and answer round between the judges and the five finalists.

While Miss Venezuela and Miss Brazil both utilized interpreters for this round, Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero, made a bold attempt at answering her question in English. She gets an A for effort, but her answer to judge Diego Boneta‘s question was barely intelligible — and that may be a generous description.

Here is the transcript of the moment that harkens back to a certain Miss Teen USA’s maps and education speech:

Diego Boneta:
“If you could make a new law, what would it be? And explain why.”

Miss Venezuela:
“I think that any leys [Spanish for “laws”] there are in Constitution or in life, are already made. I think that we should have … uh … a straight way to go … in our similar, or, eh, in … in our life has it this. For example, I am a surfer and I think that the … the best wave that I can take is the wave that I wait for it. So … please … do our only … eh … law, that we can do. Thank you, Vegas.”

I think we all get what Miss Quintero was trying to say there. OK, maybe not, but she sure looked pretty saying it.

In the end, Miss Venezuela took third place, and Culpo went home with the crown.

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