missing-keith-carradine-abc-suspect-zeroLegendary actor Keith Carradine plays Martin Newman on ABC’s “Missing.” We now know that Martin is suspect zero and has been playing everyone for years. He has a hold of Michael (Nick Eversman) and no one knows what he’ll do next. Zap2it spoke to Carradine about what’s coming and how deep this goes.

“As things get revealed, I think the fascinating thing is that, now that
we know that Martin is suspect zero, then we wonder how long this had
been going on and what are the ramifications of this operation and how
far-reaching is it and how did this go down,” he says. “This guy was a major player
in the company. I think that’s going to be fascinating for the audience
to discover.”

We asked him what’s coming up in the next episode. “You’re going to learn more about Violet (Laura Donnelly) for sure. Becca (Ashley Judd) and Paul (Sean Bean) now
have to find a way out of Europe and they have to find Michael. And my
relationship with Michael has yet to be fully fleshed out, because he is
still very much in Martin’s control. I’ve told him that the bad guys
kidnapped him to get control of his mother. Of course, poor Dax (Cliff Curtis), he
seems to always be the last to know.” It’s true! 

Carradine says he’s known that he was suspect zero since day one and loves adding that layer. “Ninety percent of the fun for an actor is knowing who you are, knowing who you really are underneath as you are playing the scene. When a person is deceitful — when a person is manipulating other people — listen, I can’t imagine that any of us have not had that experience of thinking we knew someone and finding out we didn’t really. From an acting point of view, it’s all really a performance, isn’t it? If you need someone to feel a certain way about you, you’re going to do what you have to do to make that happen. It’s no different as the performer. With Martin Newman, as he’s relating to people, he’s always giving a performance. And knowing that’s what’s happening, you’re able to layer in who he is underneath.”

“Missing” airs Thursday night on ABC.

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