Missing-cast.jpg“Missing” is ABC’s new Wednesday night hit. We got a chance to chat with creator/producer Gregory Poirier about what’s coming up, killing off Sean Bean in the first episode and getting the elusive Ashley Judd in the lead role.

Poirier gives us a look at what’s coming up in the episode entitled “Ice Queen.” “Probably my favorite thing about the upcoming episode is that we are going to get to follow Michael’s (Nick Eversman) story as well as Becca’s so it becomes more of a split show between the two of them. We actually find out where Michael is and what’s happened to him and we start to follow him.”

We asked Poirier if casting Sean Bean as Becca’s murdered husband was a given since the poor man gets killed off in every show or film he does. Poirier laughs, “I just wanted to see if I could kill him faster than anybody else. I’m trying to set a record. No, obviously we’re not done with him. We still have a lot of story that takes place in flashbacks that take place over the season, starting in episode 4.”

Ashley Judd kicks some serious butt in “Missing.” We asked Poirier if she was always the first choice for the role of Becca. He says, “Every producer on every project from the beginning of time has said this, but it really is true. She was our archetype for this. She was our first choice. We didn’t think we’d get her. She’s notorious for turning down everything.

He continues, “When she came in we thought, we’ll have our dream meeting and get this behind us so we can move on. But she really responded.”

“Missing” airs Thursday nights on ABC.

Posted by:jbusch