mistresses season 2 finale til death do us part season 3 After 'Mistresses' Season 2 finale cliffhangers, do you want Season 3?ABC’s soapy summer guilty pleasure “Mistresses” finished its second season on Monday (Sept. 2), leaving a few cliffhangers in its wake (Joss and Harry OMG).

The women prepared for Joss’ big engagement party while juggling problems of their own: Karen’s HIV test (which ended up negative), April staying safe from her ex-husband, Savi’s mixed feelings for Harry and, of course, Joss’ realization of her feelings for Harry.

What does the doctor need to tell Karen? Does Savi actually want Harry back? What will happen now that Lucy has found out the truth about her father?

Stay tuned to Zap2it for some interviews with the “Mistresses” creatives on Tuesday (Sept. 2), and until then, vote in our poll: Do you think “Mistresses” deserves a Season 3?

Posted by:Jean Bentley