jes macallen brett tucker justin hartley mistresses season 2 'Mistresses' Season 2: Joss 'will be forced to make a choice' by season's endLeading up to the final two episodes of “Mistresses” Season 2, Zap2it spoke with executive producers Rina Mimoun and K.J. Steinberg about what is in store for each of the four ladies as the season comes to a close.

Zap2it: We know Savannah has called up Zack. Does she have romantic feelings for him?
Rina Mimoun: I think Savi is realizing she’s in this bizarre place — she’s 40 years old, she’s divorced, she’s suddenly single for the first time in 20 years. And there’s this guy she has a connection with, and he’s cute and he’s into her, so her feeling is, “Why not?” But I don’t think that we have established any kind of soulmate love connection between the two. This is more of Savi’s journey of self-discovery and Zack has been part of that process.

We keep waiting for him to do something nefarious, like he’s going to kid nap Savi or something.
RM: [laughs] Part of the reason everyone gets that feeling is because initially we did have a darker storyline we were going to go down with this character, but as Alyssa’s pregnancy surprised us, we had to take a pretty sharp left turn in our story. … We were going to take a different journey, but the end result was still going to be the same.

Turning to April — poor April. The hits just keep on coming for her. Can she ever forgive Daniel for his betrayal?
K.J. Steinberg: If the circumstances become dangerous enough and she needs him enough, maybe she can.

Is Paul a danger to April and Lucy?

KS: Well, desperate men are dangerous, but who is more dangerous than Paul is Olivos, the drug lord who is pulling the strings.

We’re so glad that Karen is taking some time to find herself. What new career path is she embarking on, can you tell us anything?
RM: What ultimately winds up happening to her in these next two episodes is going to catapult us into a different direction completely for Season 3, that will potentially make her career choices secondary to her life.

Finally — Joss. We’ll confess that we were not on board with her and Harry at the season’s start, but it’s been such a slow burn that now we’re actually rooting for him to tell her how he feels.
KS: We knew it was going to be a real test for people, and we were going to have to do it very, very carefully and slowly, and make you understand how two people who shouldn’t fall in love sometimes fall in love.

Will Joss be forced to make a choice before season’s end?
RM: In the finale, the heat will be turned up to such a degree that she will be forced to make a choice.

“Mistresses” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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