mistresses season 2 finale brett tucker jes macallan 'Mistresses' Season 3: Joss and Harry's betrayal 'is going to destroy' Savi“Mistresses” aired its Season 2 finale Monday (Sept. 1) and left viewers with quite the dramatic cliffhanger, as Joss ran to Harry on the beach and made it quite clear how she feels about him — as her sister Savannah started down the beach after her. Executive producers Rina Mimoun and K.J. Steinberg dish with Zap2it what is in store for viewers should the ABC soap get a third season.

Zap2it: So Joss picked Harry — what was the thinking behind that? Does she truly love him or was she running away from commitment because Scott sprung the wedding on her?
K.J. Steinberg: She has feelings for him. She has deep, dep feelings for him and a deep connection. Her choice to go as far as she did with the kiss and the sex on the beach might speak to the fact that she makes messy choices.

Rina Mimoun: She sure does. And that’s a bit of the old Joss. But her choice was true. How she chose to make it and how far she chose to go, that’s a bit of the old Joss peeking through. … We’re excited. The joy of this cliffhanger for us, as much as it was devastating [to viewers], I think what we really saw as this wonderful thing is this has always been and will always be about the sisters. It’s teeing us up for a potentially great season of conflict between the sisters. What we’re look forward to in Season 3 is really tearing at the fabric of that relationship and what it does to the group and how that splits up our women.

If you get a Season 3, fingers crossed, will it pick right back up with Savi finding Joss and Harry on the beach?

RM: It’ll pick right back up in that moment. I wouldn’t say that it’s going to pick up with Savi walking in on it, necessarily. In Season 3, should there be one, we would pick up in the same moment. And viewers will just have to suspend their disbelief because Alyssa [Milano] will be a bit smaller, sans baby [laughs].

We know you don’t want to give too much away, but what can you tease about Karen’s medical emergency?
KS: We can’t tease anything, really. Unfortunately.

RM: We have a couple choices in the air. I can definitely tell you that it will launch her into a whole new season arc.

If you get a Season 3, will April and Daniel be together? April deserves a little happiness, is that in the cards for her (the Lucy thing notwithstanding)?
KS: I think the Daniel thing is going to have to be on the backburner a little bit. For her as a mother, the most important thing to her is Lucy. We feel like April’s relationship with Lucy is the most important love relationship of April’s life. Daniel, in the eyes of Lucy, is connected to the reason why her father is dead. Getting Daniel back into the fold is going to be very difficult and certainly not April’s top priority. April’s top priority will be how to re-establish trust between her and her daughter after this tremendous betrayal.

Lucy has been such a great kid, is this betrayal on her mother’s part going to make her start acting out?
RM: Definitely. … We have this amazing actress in Corinne and Rochelle continues to amaze us in what a magnificent mother she portrays. One thing we are excited about is that because of what happens with Lucy, we would finally be introducing another parent to the series and we would get a chance to meet April’s mom, who would become a force of nature of us in Season 3. … This mother-daughter thing is such a huge gift that we have. In the same way that Joss and Savi are the only sibling relationship we have, this is a great mother-daughter relationship. Corinne is now officially a pre-teen and I think we can have a lot of fun with that storyline, especially if we bring in a fantastic actress to play April’s mom.

What does Savi’s life look like going into a third season? Will Dominick even be a part of it? What about Zack?
KS: Zack was a great instigator for her and a great journeyman, sort of wingman for her journey this season. But that friendship is over. He really helped her come to terms with a ot of the lies that she was telling herself and discovering parts of herself she needed to figure out where her heart really lies. In the finale, she truly believes that her heart lies with Harry.

Given that she’s a character who’s been largely in control of every relationship she’s had on the show … I think that the betrayal of Joss and Harry is going to destroy her, so we’re going to see something from her we’ve never seen before.

RM: Dom’s love for her does not wane. He will try to get her back and he will try to remain in her life. We adore Jason George and there is still so much left to be played with him.

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