yunjin kim mistresses abc 'Mistresses' Yunjin Kim's first film beat 'Titanic'Yunjin Kim became known for her role on ABC’s “Lost,” but she was already a major star in her native South Korea.

“In 1999, when ‘Titanic’ was No. 1 in every single country, we beat ‘Titanic,’ ” she tells Zap2it of “Swiri.” “And that was my first film, and ‘Lost’ was my first American TV show. I kind of go downhill from there on.”
Perhaps not, considering she’s starring in another ABC series, “Mistresses.”
A classically trained dancer and master of combat skills, Kim says, “I became action girl in Korea, a wonder woman, and I had to do it in four roles.”

Kim became hooked on theater in her first junior high production of “West Side Story.”

“The whole idea of a group of people getting together and creating something else” captivated her, she says.
Kim pursued her passion to Boston University.

“B.U. was a great training ground,” Kim says of the school, which stressed basics, including punctuality. “I was always waiting for an audition, spending half an hour in the car.”
After college, Kim was cast in a Korean miniseries, and it was a huge hit. “Half of Korea was watching,” she says. “I was thinking I would be in Korea for two months, but I would be cast in another project, and my tiny little suitcase was getting bigger and bigger.”
In “Mistresses,” her character, Karen, is a successful psychiatrist who fell in love with a patient.
The series deals with deep questions. “Morally is this right or wrong?” Kim says. “But it is a question of the heart. What is marriage? What is infidelity? What is love? It is something I didn’t have the luxury to dwell on before. Back in Korea, I did a lot of thriller films, and to sit around talking about relationships is really different.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler