mixology andrew santino interview 'Mixology': Andrew Santino loves playing a 'cartoonish' character like Bruce Andrew Santino wants to make one thing clear: He’s nothing like Bruce, the character he plays on “Mixology.”

When Zap2it got Santino on the line to chat about this week’s episode of the ABC comedy, the first thing Santino wanted to discuss was how, even though he loves playing Bruce, he’s nothing like the loud, offensive, brash guy he’s portraying each week. Check out Zap2it’s full Q&A with Santino below:

Zap2it: First of all, I have to say, both in terms of the writing and how you portray him, Bruce is such an entertaining character to watch.
Andrew Santino: Aw, thank you! That’s very sweet. He’s my least favorite character on the show, so that’s nice to hear from somebody. It’s all attributed to the writing. I’m just an idiot that says funny things that other people make me say.

What has it been like portraying Bruce?
It’s been cool. The funniest thing is that people ask me in public if that’s what I’m really like. That’s what everyone’s assuming, I guess. But that’s usually not the case. [laughs] But it’s been so fun. I come from a stand-up comedy background and those guys really let me play around with Bruce, more so than other people, and I was very lucky to get to be able to do that. The whole experience was amazing and it’s one that I hope to do again and again because I got to play someone that is just so ridiculous. He’s cartoonish, you know? I could literally get away with whatever because I was literally playing a cartoon character.

Give me a little preview about what we’ll see Bruce up to in this week’s episode. I know he’s had his eye on Jessica but based on last week’s final scene, he shared a questionable look with Tom’s girl, Maya …
Well, [laughs] I think Bruce and Maya have more chemistry than people thought. And now that we’re showing it a little more, it might open up to people a new idea of where that circle of friendship could go. But, that being said, this all could be a big ruse, or dream sequence, or it could be fake. Who knows what’s going on? [laughs] I do know that one of the two characters is up to something, but I won’t tell you who is up to what. [laughs]

Mysterious! If Bruce and Maya do end up together, that’s obviously going to hurt poor, sensitive Tom, right?
Yeah, because Tom is the typical wuss and he’s finally coming out of his shell a little bit. Now that the night is dwindling on, perhaps Maya is sick of him and perhaps Bruce is sick of chasing Jessica. Maybe these two are actually the perfect hookup because they’re just so apathetic towards everything else. Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about! [laughs] We’ll find out what the real deal is between them.

Let’s talk about those flashbacks in last week’s episode, when Bruce was watching “Downton Abbey” with Tom and Cal. That was simply hilarious.
Yes, that scene where we were watching “Downton Abbey” was one of my favorite scenes to shoot. I can’t believe they left it in! I was so happy.

What can you tell me about the flashbacks we’ll see this week? The last time we saw Bruce flashbacks I felt so bad for him!
Yeah, he’s had a tough road, that’s kind of why he’s such a jerk. This week’s flashbacks are going to open up a totally different side and you’re going to see something that will perhaps fill you in a little bit more on who this guy is today and what he really wishes he could have. Again, it’s going to be a little bit more heartfelt than what you’d expect, and it’s sweet. It makes you love the character more than you thought you would.

It’s almost closing time. Without giving anything away of course, what can you tease about who’s going to end up going home with who?
These guys are all going to have some sort of closure in one way or another. Not everything will have a happy bow on it, but everything does get an ending that is also left open for the future, hopefully for a Season 2 or even just for the future of the characters. Hopefully we come back and hopefully people want us back for more. We’ll be here if you want us!

If you had to pick a drinking game rule for this week’s episode, what would it be?
Drink anytime you see any of the characters on the show. [laughs] No, I think a great drinking game for our show is drink every time you see someone on the show take a sip of their drink. We were pretty careful about that and every time you see us take a sip, it was pretty calculated. So do that, and we’ll see how drunk you get. [laughs]

“Mixology” airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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