mixology craig frank interview 'Mixology': Craig Frank teases the fallout of Liv's kiss with Ron Last week’s “Mixology” ended on quite the dramatic cliffhanger for a half-hour comedy. After Liv sealed the deal with Ron by kissing him in the middle of the bar, she turned around to see that her fiance Jim decided to drop by that very same bar, only to witness his future bride in a liplock with some other dude. Yikes.

Zap2it got Craig Frank — who plays Cal — on the line to talk about what’s going down in Wednesday’s (April 30) episode.

Zap2it: Jim could not have arrived at the bar at a more awkward time. What can you tell me about what’s coming next?
Craig Frank: Well, Liv has just come across a hurdle that’s going to be a little high to jump with her fiancé, so we’re going to explore that. Plus the friendship between the three guys is going to be tested. But as far as Kacey and Cal goes, it’s going to be a slow burn. They’re going to leave you guys wanting more and more up until we get to closing time. That’s when you will find out ultimately what happens.

Last week Kacey gave up a relationship with hot bartender Dom to go all in with Cal. That’s got to feel pretty good on your end, right?
From Cal’s standpoint, yes. It’s funny that you bring that up because a lot of people have come up to me telling me they’re rooting for me. It’s been an overwhelming response, truly. Everyone wants to know if they’re going to get together, what’s going to happen, and I’m just like, “Watch the show and find out!” But it’s so great to see how everyone is responding to the Kacey and Cal relationship. It’s one of the relationships on the show that people feel almost threatened that it could end up not happening but also very optimistic that it actually could happen. It’s fun to watch the audience’s reaction.

You mentioned earlier that the friendship between the guys is going to be tested. They’re such a close group of friends, so what can you reveal about why they’re going to be fighting?
[laughs] Let’s just say that Cal and Tom point out the obvious flaw in Bruce. They let him know about it and he reacts in a very Bruce-like way.

Bruce is a very strong character to say the least, but I thought it was clever the way the flashbacks showed his tough exterior actually comes from a traumatic event in his past.
Yeah, I think that all the characters are somewhat not what they seem at first. Once you hand along for the ride you find out why they are the way they are with their backstories. If you really think about it, any of these characters from a surface standpoint really don’t seem like the greatest people to be around. [laughs] One girl is engaged and yet she’s making out with this random guy and one girl is super mean and she treats guys like trash. 

But that’s just on the surface. When you find out why they are the way they are and that’s actually not the case. You understand where they’re coming from and that’s how smart our writers are. They’re able to establish the characters in a certain way but then they let you know that’s not who they really are. It’s all defense mechanisms, and that’s very telling about Bruce. There’s a reason why he is so blunt. His past led him to believe that’s how you’re supposed to be. But as this night goes on, he’s taught a lesson by Jessica and he’s picking up these nuggets of information that he’s now using.

So what can you reveal about the flashbacks we’ll see in this week’s episode?
You’ll learn more about the relationship between Liv and her fiancé Jim. How they came to be and the reasons why they should be together and why they maybe shouldn’t be together.

Do you think Liv and Jim should stay together or do you think their relationship has run its course?
I definitely think they’ve reached a crossroads. And based on what I know from the episode, but not giving away spoilers, I think that whatever decision they make, I think it’s justified. The flashbacks and the conversation they have will rationalize the decision they end up making.

What are you most excited for fans to see from this week’s episode?
The climax of the fight between the three guys is going to be super, super fun. And whatever revelation that Liv and Jim have is going to be interesting and some people will be satisfied while others might not like the decision they make. But a sign of good writing is when two people are fighting, and both sides have a legit point of view and you can see the point of views from both characters’ perspectives, and you can agree to why they see things that way. The writers did a great job with that.

“Mixology” airs on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum