mixology kate simses interview 'Mixology': Kate Simses explains why Liv isn't just cheating all season long It’s been hilarious and adorable watching Liv learn how to flirt from her best friend Maya and new friends Jessica and Fab all season long on “Mixology”.

Her sweet naivete and wide-eyed wonder at this whole new world of flirting is so convincing that sometimes, you forget that Liv is actually engaged. Her wedding invitations are being sent out that next morning, and her fiance Jim is sitting at home, none the wiser that his future bride is out kissing, flirting and ogling other men at a bar.

But Liv’s portrayer Kate Simses explains to Zap2it that for Liv, this night is about more than just finding someone to hook up with. She’s not just cheating all season long, though on the surface it may appear that way.

Zap2it: I have to be honest, I keep forgetting that Liv’s technically cheating every time I root for her and Ron to work out.
Kate Simses: Yes. I think she does too [laughs]. Maya egged her on to have a drink with Ron, like it’s not a big deal. It’s just a drink. And then she starts taking baby steps towards the idea of flirting and being with another guy. When Jessica and Fab teach Liv how to flirt with guys in a bar, I think that’s more of a coming-of-age thing for Liv. It’s not like she’s out to find a guy or like she’s out on the town looking to find a dude. She came to the bar to meet up with Maya. She’s finding her confidence and discovering this new side of herself, coming out of her shell. It’s not about cheating, really, you know?

Were you ever worried about the backlash you might get from people who see Liv cheating and being encouraged to cheat for the entire season?
When I heard where her storyline is going, I did have some thoughts. I’m engaged myself, so it was kind of close to home. But the writers, the directors, everyone in on the creative process worked really well to help justify each step that she takes in this new direction and hopefully it doesn’t come off as just lustful or just plain disregard for her relationship. It comes off as this personal need to investigate her own desires in life. I’m sure a lot of guys and girls justify their own indiscretions using that same line but I hop that doesn’t happen [laughs]. I really hope it doesn’t come across as her just being inconsiderate. It’s more about a life journey than that.

And I love how Maya is pushing Liv to learn more about herself. Their entire friendship has been such a surprising aspect of the show.
Yeah, Maya and Liv’s relationship is a very special one because on the surface, it seems like they wouldn’t necessarily be so close or be friends at all, but they balance each other so well. I think Liv needs Maya to help her explore this and I don’t even think it would have happened if Maya hadn’t been there that night. So their friendship is a really important part of that puzzle.

So what’s coming up for Liv in this week’s episode?
At this point, Liv has been disappointed in Ron because she feels like he is a little lascivious. Gross is her term for him, since he’s slept around a lot. So she’s disappointed in that and she has this moment with the other women in the bar where she’s about to pack it up and go home when they come across a picture that Ron had initially sent to Jessica of his … well, how can I say it … can I say penis? [laughs] It’s an anatomical picture. [laughs]

It’s funny because we weren’t allowed to say that word more than three times so the writers were so sly with coming up with all these different ways to say it, each one funnier than the next. So Liv sees this picture, and for the first time in her life, she’s attracted to a man because of this feature. Maya and Liv don’t know that it’s Ron since Jessica is being a lady and not going to tell who it is, so they’re going through the bar, trying to figure out who it is. Toward the end of the episode, she finds out that it’s Ron and that … rekindles her relationship with him. It’s a really fun episode. We laughed a lot during this one. Maya and Liv’s investigative reporting is just so fun.

So clearly there’s still hope for Liv and Ron. But is there any chance that Liv’s fiance Jim might show up to the bar to fight for their relationship?
There is a chance that could happen. There’s an episode coming up where we learn what Liv and Jim’s relationship has been up to this point, so yeah, he just might show up. A blast from her past coming down to the bar. You never know!

And since this is a show that takes place in a bar, I’ve got to ask: What’s your favorite drink to have while watching the show?
Well, it varies. Since I live in New York, during the east coast airing I like to have a little whiskey with an ice cube. And then for the west coast broadcast, since it’s 12:30 a.m. where I live, I like to have a little cup of coffee to stay awake. [laughs]

“Mixology” airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum