mixology series finale recap 'Mixology' series finale: Who ended up with whom? Who ended the night heartbroken? “Mixology” was one of those unique shows that had everyone talking in the beginning. 

When the series debuted, it seemed like everyone had something negative to say about the comedy focused on 10 strangers in one bar over the course of one night. A few had some positive things to say about the show, but either way, for better or for worse, people were definitely talking about it.

The 13-episode series followed these 10 characters as they all met each other and tried to go home with each other by the end of the night. There were bumps along the way, exes showed up to the bar to try and derail new flirtations, and viewers were constantly guessing about who would end up with who by the time the bar closed.

“Closing Time” finally came on Wednesday (May 21) as the season-turned-series finale (as ABC canceled the show). So who ended up with whom, and who ended the night heartbroken and alone? Zap2it watched (so you didn’t have to), and here’s the rundown:

– Did anyone have any doubts that the couple at the center of the show wouldn’t end up together? After one more encounter with his “mean girl” of an ex-fiance, Tom and Maya finally made it back to his apartment for sex. A quick glimpse of their morning after — the two of them were wrestling, giggling and kissing in bed — shows that one night of sex after meeting in a bar may turn into something real. That’s the true modern fairytale happy ending right there.

– In one of the more surprising endings, Jessica and Bruce both turned down their sure things — Bruce’s “pumpkin smasher” returned to take him home, and Jessica was about to hop in a cab with Dominic — to have waffles in a diner and just talk. The next morning — their late-night brunch turned into breakfast, all PG — they decided to be friends. Just friends. And both of them were happy and OK with it. That was a nice turn of events.

– After discovering that Cal has been married three times, Kacey started freaking out and couldn’t decide whether or not to show up for their date after closing time. But she decided that a guy who commits to everything is better than a guy who commits to nothing, so she shows up for their date. After deciding to “take things slow,” they kiss, and grab a cab to keep hooking up.

– Fab ends up in the bar by herself, but after Kacey jokingly points out a fat Hawaiian dude, Fab says she never says no to the unknown and goes home with him. She wakes up after an “intense” night with the guy to find a pet pig in their bed, and still wants the guy to call her again? To each her own.

– After Jessica turns down Dom for Bruce, he goes home to his apartment alone, and according to the narrator, sometimes after a night out, absolutely nothing in your life changes. That’s pretty realistic.

– After one of the most back-and-forth flirtations all season long, Liv and Ron decide to go to India spontaneously to finally live out Liv’s dream that Jim never gave her. But when Ron proceeds to “take care of everything,” and books them first-class flights and a super-nice suite at a hotel, Liv realizes she’s once again letting someone else make her decisions for her and doesn’t know what she wants in life. So she tells Ron she needs to go on the trip alone to finally learn what she wants and who she is, leaving him heartbroken in NYC.

Some storylines ended pretty realistically, others were a little more out there, but at the end of it all, this was a show that didn’t shy away from ugly truths about going out to bars in search of love (or lust). While it wasn’t perfect, it was entertaining — whether or not you found it to be good entertainment or bad entertainment, that’s up to you.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum