mixology vanessa lengies interview 'Mixology': Vanessa Lengies explains her shout out to Brittany Snow and upcoming 'Sliding Doors' episode Raise your hand if you miss “American Dreams?” The NBC drama may have only lasted for three seasons, but it still holds a special place in all our hearts. And it looks like it holds a special place in the stars’ hearts as well, since last Wednesday’s (April 16) episode of “Mixology” had a little shout-out from Vanessa Lengies to her “American Dreams” co-star Brittany Snow!

Zap2it got Lengies on the phone to discuss her onscreen inside joke with Snow, plus she previews this week’s episode of “Mixology” featuring a “Sliding Doors” concept and Kacey’s complicated love triangle with Dominic and Cal. Check out the full Q&A below.

Zap2it: So it’s time for another Kacey-centric episode! Perfect timing, since Dom surprised her at the end of last week by saying he wants to go all in on a relationship with her.
Vanessa Lengies: I am excited for Kacey and Dom to get back together! I mean, I love Cal. I love Cal, I love Cal, I love Cal. I really have a hard job. They both are so beautiful! [laughs] They’re beautiful people. I have a very tough job.

So tough. But before we talk about that love triangle, I’ve got to give you props. Your shock when Dom tells Kacey he’s ready for a relationship was hilarious.
“Shut up. Shut up.” [laughs] That line was actually a throwback to Brittany Snow when we were doing “American Dreams” way back in the day. We both lived in this apartment complex together because we both moved — I moved from Canada and she moved from Florida — and we had this neighbor who would talk on her phone really late at night. She would just be like, “Shut up! Shut. Up. Shut up!” So when I said that line at the end of the last episode when Dom says he’s ready to go all in and move forward with our relationship, I purely did that for Brittany Snow. That was a pure throwback message to Brittany Snow.

That’s so sweet! And it went with the scene perfectly, because who would have thought he’d actually agree to be in a real relationship?
It was just so shocking because Dom is not the kind of person who would be all in on a relationship. In that episode where you got to hear his music and Fab shuts him down, she was like, “How long did you work on this?” And he was like, “Two weeks!” He was all heartbroken and she was like, “You have to try harder for things in life.” I think that really stuck with him and you’re going to see in this episode that he gets some pretty good advice from Tom, who couldn’t be more opposite in dealing with women than Dominic. That contrast is really funny and that’s where Dominic is going to get all his advice on how to be in a serious relationship.

So what’s a real relationship between Dom and Kacey going to look like? Because let’s face it, they’re not going to be the most normal, stereotypical couple.
As we saw in the last episode — this is serious for her — a real relationship for her is moving in together, getting a puppy, going grocery shopping, holding hands, buying each other flowers. She probably got all her relationship advice from Disney movies. That’s the way it’s supposed to work out, right?

So not only is Dom’s idea of what a relationship should be different from Tom’s, it’s also very different from Kacey’s. And Kacey learns a little bit about herself in this episode too, because as much as she’d like to live in a fantasy land where her boyfriend is perfect and Prince Charming, when she met Cal, she met someone who she could be herself around. She’s been playing this role of a cocktail waitress in New York City, but she’s really just a girl from Ohio who was raised by parents who sheltered her. 

So through this roller coaster ride with Dominic in this episode, she realizes what’s important to her and what love is to her. She’s always thought love was this fantasy, this idea, but now that she’s met Cal he’s put all these questions in her mind, like “What is love?” Not to get too deep or anything, this is half-hour comedy! [laughs] This episode is huge for Kacey because she gets what she wanted, and realizes it’s maybe not what she really wants.

So what you’re saying is that I shouldn’t give up hope for Kacey and Cal? Because I was totally rooting for them to end up together. They’re just so adorable!
I think Kacey and Cal are the real deal. I think they’re as close to soul mates as one can get. I don’t think you should give up on them. Kacey is faced with an old flame who comes back and promises to be everything she wanted him to be, so I don’t blame her for wanting to entertain that path. But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.

So if you were in Kacey’s shoes, who would you pick: Dom or Cal?
Aww, that’s so hard. Between Adan Canto and Craig Frank … well, actually, if I was in Kacey’s shoes, I would choose Cal. For sure. You want to be with someone that you can be yourself around so you’re not constantly wondering what they’re thinking and if you’re enough for them. They should love you just the way you are, right?

Exactly! So let’s talk about the flashbacks. What new flashbacks are we going to see in this episode?
All the flashbacks are going to be really funny. It’s kind of like “Sliding Doors” where you’ll get to see two paths from different perspectives. That’s the journey that we’re going to take you on through this whole episode. It’s basically how Dom saw Kacey and his relationship versus how Kacey saw the relationship. It’s almost as good as me in braces and pigtails. Almost.

If you had to pick a drinking game rule for the episode, what would you pick?
Ooh, good one. Good one! Hmm. Anytime you feel bad for me being in that small black skirt for all 13 episodes of “Mixology.” Because even in all these flashbacks I’m still in that skirt! Every episode we get to change clothes during the flashbacks, but I didn’t get to! I stayed in that same, high-waisted, bandeau top and the skirt. So anytime you feel bad for me, drink!

Nice! I like that rule.
And I just came up with that on the spot. It’s called the empathy game!

“Mixology” airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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