mlk jr infographic martin luther king pop culture history zap2it MLK Day infographic: Martin Luther King, Jr. in pop cultureHappy MLK Day! It’s a phrase that’s trending on Twitter, but did you know the U.S. has only observed Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s birthday as a national holiday since 1986? Zap2it put together an infographic you can share with your friends and colleagues to look super knowledgeable about MLK, Jr. moments in pop culture history.

Example? We bet you’ll be the only one at the water cooler this morning who knows the part of Dr. King was once played by Jaleel White, perhaps best known as TV’s “Steve Urkel” — yeah, that really happened. And the program was nominated for an Emmy. (“Did I do that?”)

Check out our MLK, Jr. in Pop Culture infographic for more tidbits you may not have known before meeting Zap2it. And most importantly … Happy birthday, Dr. King!

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