hanson beer hangover part iii premiere gi 'MMMHops?' Hanson at 'The Hangover Part III' premiere: Beer is our next project

The boys of Hanson — who are not so much boys anymore, but full-grown men now — confused onlookers when they hit the red carpet at “The Hangover Part III” premiere. Just what were the guys doing at a “Hangover” event? Well, the film opens with their 1997 hit, “MMMBop,” and it’s the first track on the “Part III” official soundtrack.
While it’s easy to still think of these three brothers as fresh-faced youngsters, bear in mind they are all well over the legal drinking age now — in fact, two of them are past 30 — and so it’s perfectly fine that they told a reporter for Maximo their favorite drunken memories.
Taylor Hanson describes urinating off a rooftop and waking up in a shower with all his clothes on, while older brother Isaac Hanson recalls coming to after being passed out on a table in their tour bus, not knowing how he got there or where the bus was headed. Hanson as a band turns 21 this month, and Taylor says they are introducing a Hanson beer called MMMHops. “People will actually be able to get a hangover with Hanson,” he says.
The guys say they’re still proud of “MMMBop” and in the video below, they give an impromptu performance of “Get the Girl Back,” a tune off their forthcoming album.

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