robert knepper mob city tnt newcom 325 'Mob City's' Robert Knepper: 'Sid Rothman will never die'Zap2it: Your new drama is the creation of Frank Darabont, who also created AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which stars your former “Prison Break” co-star Sarah Wayne Callies. Has this connection benefited you?

Robert Knepper: Frank’s a huge fan of “Prison Break.” He loved me on “Prison Break.” He actually called Sarah and said, “What’s he like to work with?” She helped me get the job, I think. She gave me a glowing report.

Zap2it: What does it mean to have former co-stars say nice things about you?

Robert Knepper: I was kicking around as an actor for 25 years before “Prison Break.” People kept saying, “I need a name; I need a name for this.” I thought, “I’m that no-name actor that people respect and like and nobody else knows about, except the people I work with.” I just had my good name. It’s always been important to me to get along with people.

Zap2it: At this point, a few episodes into production, what can you tell me about your character, hit man and mob capo Sid Rothman?

Robert Knepper:
The first thing I did when we started the series and I knew my name was Sid Rothman, I Googled him and said, “Where’s Sid Rothman? I can’t find him anywhere. He must be a famous gangster.” And he’s not. He’s made up. So there are all these things we can do. We’re not tied into history. We’ll see if Frank still believes this, but at one point he said, “Sid Rothman will never die.” So we’ll see.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare