eric stonestreet aubrey anderson emmons modern family larrys wife abc 'Modern Family': 10 great lines from 'Larry's Wife'The wedding planning continues on “Modern Family.” In the Wednesday (Oct. 2) episode, we learn that Cam (Eric Stonestreet) is taking the reins on the planning front, something that Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) says he’s fine with. Right, because Mitch is so good with giving up control.

In “Larry’s Wife,” Mitch channels his need for control into an OCD episode over the cleanliness in his office, leading to him getting trapped in an air vent. While his fiance is hanging out in his office building’s walls, Mitch gets swept up in planning a flamboyant feline funeral after telling Lily that their cat Larry (who shows up living after presumed dead) returned home a widower after running off with a wife. Naturally, the cat memorial goes awry, and Mitch and Cam agree to work together on their big day.

Elsewhere, Phil struggles to juggle several new divorcees looking for a new home, while ignoring his responsibilities at home. Phil being Phil, he drops all the balls almost at once. Meanwhile, a remarkably deeper-voiced Luke begins hosting poker games in the basement with his creepy friends, roping his sisters into the game, proving none of them are very good at the game.

Over at Jay and Gloria’s, baby Joe gets kicked out of day care, leading a frantic Gloria to call a priest as she believe there’s an evil in her young son. After last week’s running gag where Joe, umm, gagged every time gay marriage was mentioned, this week, the little guy has graduated to arranging his blocks in “666” and trying to choke out holy men. Good luck with that one.

Other tidbits? This week saw the return of Haley’s ex Dylan (to help Mitch at the faux funeral), a trip to “The Sound of Music” for Manny and Jay (where Manny tried to coach Jay on his anger before, predictably, letting lose some of his own) and a boatload of wet animals run rampant in Mitch and Cam’s home. What more could you ask for?

Let’s get to the week’s funniest quotes:

* “Why, so my feet get the pillow? And I’m the dumb one.” – Haley to Alex, after Alex suggest she lay her head at the other end of her bed to avoid sunlight.

* “That’s ridiculous. Mason’s a big baby.” – Jay, after Joe gets removed from daycare for knocking down a child.
“Everyone there is a big baby.” – Gloria

* “I guess I’m supposed to see ‘Sound of Music’ in regular hat.” – Manny

“Floral & Hardy” and “Florist Gump” are the two florists Mitch is looking at for the wedding

* “Honey, when I met you, you were a wedding DJ.” – Claire, after Phil says she knew what she was getting when she married a realtor.

* “Sounds like someone needs a relaxing trip to Nazi-occupied Austria.” – Manny, to Jay

* “If I let a simple cat funeral get out of hand, how am I supposed to plan a wedding?”  – Cam

* “No, no, I blame myself. I shouldn’t have taken his nose.” – the priest, after Joe scratched him with a fork

* “Manny got in a fight at ‘The Sound of Music,’ got kicked out. I’ve never been so proud.” – Jay

* “Icarus flew too close to his son. Their wings bumped. One of them fell. I think they were ducks.” – Haley, just nailing life.

Posted by:Billy Nilles