David Cross begins his guest arc on “Modern Family” Wednesday (Oct. 5) as a city councilman who will be a foil for Julie Bowen‘s Claire. And as you can in the scene above, their first meeting does not go all that well.

The episode is called “Door to Door,” and it sends Claire on another quest to make her neighborhood a little safer. Rather than putting up sigs saying “Slow Down Your Neighbors,” though, she decides to petition the city council for  stop sign at a particularly dangerous intersection.

She takes her (not entirely complete) petition to the traffic committee headed by Councilman Duane Bailey (Cross), who’s not so much leading a meeting as having a birthday party. And then he finds out the cake isn’t the one he wanted, and, well, let’s just say Claire’s timing could have been better.

“Modern Family” airs at 9 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC. 

Posted by:Rick Porter