modern family season 5 finale best lines 'Modern Family' Season 5 finale 'The Wedding (Part 2)': All the best lines from Mitch and Cam's wedding After many (many, many) false starts, Mitchell and Cam finally got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony at the end of “Modern Family’s” Season 5 finale, “The Wedding (Part 2).” Of course, it wasn’t a smooth ride getting to the altar, as both Part 1 and Part 2 featured any possible thing that could go wrong going wrong, from wildfires burning the venue, the butterflies getting loose, the string quartet dropping like flies, their officiant going into labor, etc. Cam and Mitch were at the mercy of their exasperated wedding planner Pepper, who had to move the entire ceremony three times to four different venues over the course of one day.

True love did win out, as Cam and Mitch did get married in the end. But watching them encounter each obstacle along the way was hilarious in true “Modern Family” form, and “The Wedding (Part 2) was one of the comedy’s best episodes yet.

Here are all the funniest/smartest/best lines from the Season 5 finale:

Fireman: I don’t think you have any idea how close you are to flames.
Pepper: Hello, I’m Pepper.

Sal goes into labor five months “early” and tells the baby’s “father”: Just so you know, sometimes when babies come this early, they’re … black.

Alex to Haley: Okay, that was close, we almost connected on a human level.

Cam: I love it so much, I could cry!
Mitch: Don’t cry, it’ll streak your bronzer.

Haley: Is fire weather?
Andy: There was a fire? I guess that explains that smoking dress.

Claire: I’m not so sure about the magic trick. It’s a wedding, don’t you think people should be focused on Cam and Mitch?
Phil: I’m hoping so, it will be the perfect misdirect.

Pepper to Phil: As they say in my native South Carolina, it’s time to go marry your brother.

Pepper: Let’s send the flower girl before she’s a flower teenager.

Pepper: How often do your fathers get married?
Lily: So far, one, two …

Cam and Mitch: I do.

Phil: I am privileged to now call you spouses for life. You may now kiss your husband.

It’s too much to write down word-for-word, but all of Luke and Manny’s “newly-married” couple squabbling was a highlight of the episode. Thank goodness Alex caught it all on camera.

“Modern Family” returns in the fall on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum